It is important to have your gas boiler and fire regularly serviced.

Most manufacturers recommend that their boilers should be serviced annually to ensure their continued safe and reliable operation.

Some of the things that I check during a boiler service include (not exhaustive):

  • The safety devices are working correctly
  • The appliance has no gas leaks
  • The gas supply is correctly sized
  • The boiler seals are in good condition
  • The burner pressure is correct and the appliance is using the correct amount of gas
  • Check the ventilation if required
  • The combustion is satisfactory and not producing excessive carbon monoxide using the latest combustion analyser technology
  • The boiler has no water leaks
  • The boiler thermostat is operating correctly
  • The boiler is wired correctly and electrically safe
  • The condition of the entire length of the flue including the flue terminal
  • The condensate trap is clean

On completion of the service a certificate is issued confirming the safety of the appliance and noting any defects.